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Dinosaur Extinction Essay examples -- essays research papers

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  A number of different theories have been assessed throughout the course of this research to attempt to reach a conclusion as to the reason behind the extinction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Although all arguments are credible, and supportive with educated information and data, the most conclusive theory of all is The Alvarez Asteroid Impact theory.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Alvarez, a researcher at the University of California, discovered a pencil thin layer of Iridium around the rocks in Gubbio, Italy. (New Scientist, 1) Iridium is an element found in meteorites and asteroids. In 1980 it was proven that the layer if Iridium was evidence of a huge comet or meteorite that crashed into the earth sixty five million years ago. The normal amount of Iridium an area is to have is 0.001 on an average. The layer of Iridium found in Gubbio Italy was 0.003. Thirty times the average amount in parts per million. (New Scientist, 1) The theory of the Alvarez Asteroid states that the strength of this comet is at 10,000 times the explosive power of the global nuclear arsenal. The Alvarez Asteroid theory is the leading explanation as to why the amazing dinosaur creatures died millions of years ago, along with many other animals of the Earth's Crustaceous Period.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The extinction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex was obviously due to the same reason. Every other living species was killed sixty five million years ago. Although it is believed that the asteroid theory is the cause of extinction of the Crustaceous Period, we cannot be positive. The environmental effects of this problem were that the dinosaurs living during this period perished from the earth and their extinction remains a mystery to us to this day. All we can do to reenact what happened is use the technology we have in the twenty first century to find more evidence to see what went wrong so long ago. By discovering things like what happened to the Tyrannosaurus Rex we can use this information to prevent an event such as a mass extinction from happening a second time.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Although it is impossible to rewrite history, we still have to be careful to prevent a catastrophe like the asteroid said to have hit the earth sixty five million years ago. If there is ever a scare of an asteroid as big as the Alvarez Asteroid, one way of preventin... ...d at least seven tons and were over forty feet long. The T-Rex was the largest meat-eating dinosaur. The teeth of the T-Rex are thick and sharp for the killing of its prey. The T-Rex was also very fast; in fact it could outrun any species of dinosaur if it was hungry enough. Scientists have also found that the Tyrannosaurus was also very smart, it would outwit any prey if it needed a snack, even the Gigantosaurus the only dinosaur that is bigger than the T-Rex wasn't smarter than the king. (Highlights, 22)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a very smart and interesting dinosaur and it is unfortunate that we will never be able to see one. The extinction of dinosaurs was brought on by the Alvarez Theory. It is great to know what actually happened to them now, and also know how to prevent such an occurrence from happening again. If our country uses the technology it has available it will be possible to find out more about the mass extinction of the Crustaceous Period. As the years pass technology becomes more advanced and we will eventually know everything there is to know about what happened sixty five million years ago.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  

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The Contribution of African American Women Essays -- Reflective Histor

The Contribution of African American Women I am not the first. I am not the first Black woman to attend a college or university. I am not the first Black woman to exercise her right to vote. I am not the first Black woman to dream, to be so hopeful for positive change that she sees possibilities in bleakness. I am not the first Black woman to know how it feels to be rejected instead of accepted, to be humiliated instead of acclaimed, to be passed over without lambs blood smeared on her door. I am not the first Black woman to experience America. I stand as a pair of footprints to be made in the sands of time. Before me lay the tracks of my predecessors; brilliant Black women who mastered the art of bending without caving. They battered down doors with fists of iron and wills b...

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Analysis of Hypocrisy in Adventures Essay

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, takes place in a time in age where the deficits of society are so intricately interwoven and ignored upon the individuals that make up that society. This results in hypocrisy that constantly plays a crucial part in how Mark Twain depicts the society that participates in such irrational activity. Characters, that Huck and Jim meet as they head for their freedom, which for Jim is slavery, and for Huck is the enslavement through civilization which is â€Å"practiced† by such a hypocrite society. Both are searching for freedom that is well defined in their own parameters; but are kept under constant hypocrisy in the pursuit to achieve their freedom. However, hypocrisy by a â€Å"civilized† society is as dominant in today’s society as it was in the time that Huck and Jim encountered it. Even though today’s, hypocrisies take a new shape and form and are interwoven with daily activities. They are given as much attention as any â€Å"civilized† society would. Although the hypocrisies that are evident in Huckleberry Finn might be in the form of the judge allowing Huck’s father, to keep him in custody, well knowing that he a drunkard would kill Huck to get his money. To the ignorance, of towns people and the nieces who were scammed by the duke and king. Everyone had taken so much self-esteem into the fact that the nieces had accepted the duke and king as their uncles that no one gave a second thought, even when it was publicly announced by Dr.  Robinson; as every â€Å"civilized† person who knew right from wrong sprang upon the doctor, trying to subdue him. As the greatest hypocrisy that took place in the book, was due to the time period itself; a time of white supremacy and racial prejudice, that took place everywhere, a time of slavery. These individuals who Huck ran away from to avoid being civilized, were themselves uncivilized due to the way they treated slaves who are non-other than human beings as well. Implying the fact that it is impossible for a society who owns and treats slaves as uncivilized people themselves can never be just. While, we see this constantly throughout our society today, as people call others fat, anorexic, sub-standard, not cool, not cute, irrational, and stupid; while they themselves have a bottomless pit of ignorance, leading to their own oblivion. Today’s society is actually worse than before in the sense that we are not only fed these things as a child; but we have to incorporate it into daily life through the influence of others, such as parents, media, and peers. Making our very existence, self-evident of such a paradox that can only derive from hypocrisy of a so called â€Å"civilized† society. As the time Mark Twain had written this novel, many social flaws existed within the fabrics of the community as a whole. The book played a major role within the cultural context of the era due to the fact that Jim, who was a slave and Huck a freeman were able to bond and have such an amazing journey together. Within this journey, Twain had interwoven several moments, that on the surface seemed like a norm at the time, but exploited several social flaws that would have otherwise been dismissed by ignorance. Resulting in a successful message from the author, hopefully allowing one to see at that time in age what horrid activities they take place in on a day to day basis, when viewed upon by another person’s spectacle.

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Tred Paper

The story of the prodigal son started with the younger son that asked his father to give him his portion of the family’s inheritance then the son got what he wanted and went off on a long journey to a distant land and began wasting his fortune. When the son ran out of money, he took a job feeding pigs. He was so poor that he was willing to eat the food for the pigs. One day, the son realized all his faults and he finally came into his senses. He remembered his father and decided to return home to ask for forgiveness and mercy. His father welcomed his son with open arms. Due to the father’s happiness, he ordered his servants to prepare a celebration. Meanwhile, the older son was not happy when he came home, working the fields, only to find out that there was a party for the return of his younger brother. The father tried to prevent the older brother for being jealous and the father said â€Å"You are always with me, and everything I have is yours. So, from what I think, the younger son was selfish and immature for asking his part of the family’s inheritance even if that the father was not dead. Second, when the younger son took the job of feeding the pigs and even eating the pig’s food, it shows that he had sunk as low as he could possibly go. The son represents a person living in rebellion to God. I think that before we come into our sense, we should first experience failures. Third, the father is the image of the Heavenly Father. God is a symbol of love and is patient. He helps us when we return to him with humble hearts. He is not interested from what we have done in the past but forgives us. Lastly, the older son represents an image of the Pharisees. By being self-righteousness, they forgot to be a happy when a sinner returns to God. I think that the bitterness and resentment are what kept the older son to forgive his younger brother.

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Wal-Mart Ethics Case

Wal-Mart is the largest grocery chain in the world, second largest company on Fortune’s 500 2012 list, and the largest employer in North America. Wal-Mart is faced with many dilemmas and issues that can be expected of such a large and imposing organization. These problems include environmental issues, employee’s issues, leadership issues, supplier issues and creating an uncompetitive market. This is not an exhaustive list, and Wal-Mart has other dilemmas as well, but this paper will concentrate on the issues involving Wal-Mart interaction with employees and the problems Wal-Mart faces with them.Wal-Mart employees’ relations have been a dilemma for various reasons. One reason is that Wal-Mart has been criticized for not paying a decent wage or providing enough benefits. Another issue that Wal-Mart has with employee relations is Wal-Mart’s stance as not allowing any unions in Wal-Mart stores. Wal-Mart has also faced problems with discrimination and the allow ed hiring of illegal immigrants. All of these are a dilemma for Wal-Mart because it is such a large employer and is well respected by other employers.This puts Wal-Mart in a corporate leadership position and the way in which Wal-Mart handles situations with employees is viewed by other corporations as potential solutions to their employee problems. This is also dilemma for Wal-Mart because it is such a large employer and its decisions affect a great number of people. Wal-Mart employs over 1. 4 million people in the United States alone, encompassing 1% of the U. S. work force. At the same time Wal-Mart wants to remain the low-cost leader in the grocery and box stores market.The conflicting forces that Wal-Mart must try to balance are maintaining their leadership aspect while maintaining healthy relationships with employees and customers. There are many stakeholders involved in this dilemma. These stakeholders include Wal-Mart’s employees, Wal-Mart customers, Wal-Mart’s competitors, and the unions. All of these stakeholders have the ability to influence decision concerning employee welfare, within the organization, as well as being influenced by those decisions. The first stakeholder mentioned is the employees for Wal-Mart.Employees are considered supportive stakeholder for the most part, although they can also be considered mixed. This stakeholder is important because Wal-Mart employees so many people, but it is also important because Wal-Mart wishes to stay competitive in the market place. One way to stay competitive is by recruiting good and hardworking employees who are invested and engaged in their work. Otherwise the employee retention will be low, and the work performed will be substandard. This stakeholder is important also because Wal-Mart’s reputation and commitment to low prices.One way to maintain low prices is by maintaining costs that permit these low prices. One way to keep costs down is to keep wages down and provide lower co sting benefits. At the same time, one significant way to retain employees and ensure they are invested in their work environment is by paying them fair wages and providing essential benefits. Wal-Mart employees are also an important stakeholder because Wal-Mart has developed a reputation as being discriminatory in their hiring practices and use of illegal workers.This is important for Wal-Mart, because once again a negative reputation can make it hard to recruit and retain workers. It is also important because a negative reputation can spur litigation and lawsuits that can be initially somewhat costly and end up becoming a burdensome expense, as out of court settlements tend to large. These legal proceedings also garner new headlines and the negative publicity can negatively affect sales, and recruiting efforts. The publication of these problems can also embolden the unions who want to break into and unionize Wal-Mart’s employees.The problem with illegal aliens being used in the work force is a dilemma not only because Wal-Mart can face the cost of fines for breaking the law, but also because Wal-Mart already has a reputation as being bad for the American worker. It has been shown that Wal-Mart is the reason that some companies that supply Wal-Mart with goods, have moved their manufacturing overseas to keep labor and production costs down, and to be better able to maintain their supplier relationship with Wal-Mart. This has caused the loss of jobs in the United States, with the perception that Wal-Mart has no concern about the American worker.Wal-Mart using illegal workers could be perceive as Wal-Mart being only concerned about saving money, and once again denying American workers from jobs. This is also looked on negatively in the current political environment where illegal workers are such a hot topic and unemployment is high. Another stakeholder in these situations is the Wal-Mart customer. The Wal-Mart customer is considered supportive, and Wal-Mar t tries to keep it this way. The customer is an important stakeholder because essentially they are the reason that Wal-Mart exists.Wal-Mart basically provides the facility of easing customer access to goods and services. Customers have a choice in this very competitive market environment and can find the same goods and services elsewhere, as Wal-Mart offers few exclusives on either of these. Wal-Mart does provide a presumed lower cost marketplace, and will match cost of competitors which is viewed as desirable traits from consumers. Still consumers will not continue to patronize organizations they feel are mistreating their employees and are using discriminatory practices in hiring and advancement.Wal-Mart has to maintain a reputation as being a good employer that has genuine concern about it employees and that is also dedicated in being fair in its labor practices. Otherwise customers will go elsewhere for their goods and services, even if they pay a little more. Consumers will no longer support companies that they feel are lacking in proper ethics, because the consumer feels that it will only be a matter of time before the company manages to treat them unfairly.Current consumers are especially proficient at the decision between saving money with one company, and supporting a more sustainable company even if it means spending more. This proficiency comes from facing this decision on a daily basis, and the ease of accessing information. So far, even with some well publicized discriminatory cases, Wal-Mart has been able to retain a strong customer base. Consumers will tend to give companies some benefit of a doubt, especially when it comes to saving money, but this cannot be viewed as a reason to willfully negligent in employee hiring practices.After all, a consumer boycott is only one corporate scandal away. Therefore, the customers can be considered the most important stakeholder, because without them Wal-Mart would cease operations. Another stakeholder invol ved in this case are Wal-Mart’s competitors, like Target, Kmart, Home Depot, etc. , who look at Wal-Mart as a leader in their market. Wal-Mart competitors are neutral because they are more concerned with their own operations than with Wal-Mart’s operations.The decisions that Wal-Mart makes concerning their employees are seen as opportunities to exploit or as problems. These decisions could be opportunities because decisions made in a positive light could be reviewed and possibly adopted by the competition. Whereas decisions made that reflect Wal-Mart negatively can be criticized by the competition and as a recruiting tool. Wal-Mart decisions with employees can also be problematic to competition because their decisions can force unwanted changes into the competitor’s organization. For example, if Wal-Mart changed ts viewpoint about unions it could have great impact throughout the box chain world giving unions leverage to be able to break into other store brands. The final stakeholders in Wal-Mart’s employee welfare situation are unions. Unions are considered an unsupportive stakeholder. The unions have a stake in this situation because their existence is based on membership, their fees, and continued support. Wal-Mart is very opposed to ever accepting a union in their work environment. Wal-Mart feels that it treats it employees fairly enough and a union would only complicate things.Unions see Wal-Mart as the great mountain to climb, and getting Wal-Mart workers to unionize would give the unions a large base of employees to their membership ranks, and leverage through the retail industry. Unionizing Wal-Mart would not necessary be all positive, as the unions would now be presented with a relationship with large market and an adversarial attitude towards them. The relationship between these stakeholders can be contentious. Consumers want to support organizations that treat workers fairly, but public support for unions is rather low (20 10 Pew Poll places it at 41%).Wal-Mart also does not view unions favorably. The relationship between Wal-Mart and employees can be difficult at times also, but the relationship is mostly mutually beneficial for the majority of employees. The stakeholder with the most power is the customers because they still hold purchasing power over Wal-Mart. Customers could easily find other places to go to and buy goods, and therefore customers hold the most leverage over Wal-Mart. The stakeholder with the most to win would be the unions, because breaking the Wal-Mart wall would greatly heighten the power of the unions.The stakeholders with the greatest potential to lose are the employees because at this time and point Wal-Mart has the leverage of possible employment during such tough economic times. Employees may actually lose out on potential wage and benefit gains because of the economic downturn, and Wal-Mart has jobs and is one of the few companies with expansion plans in these times. To im prove the situation with the employees and the public perception of Wal-Mart, the organization could attempt two corrective measures.The first proposal would be for Wal-Mart to start an employee appreciation and welfare camps in their stores. This would be through employee only contests or having a shopping day where employees get extra markdowns. This would make Wal-Mart a more popular place to work at, and could be considered a cheaper alternative to raising wages and improved benefits. Some employees might see these as cheap ploys to improve employee morale, but it could be quite popular. Another corrective measure would be a public relations campaign in which Wal-Mart explains to the public the benefits of working at Wal-Mart.This P. R. campaign would show Wal-Mart as an employer of choice, that people enjoy working for the company, and that Wal-Mart is a great place to work at. This campaign could help sway the public in favor of Wal-Mart and also convey the message that Wal-Ma rt doesn’t need unions and employee unrest is unfounded. The campaign could also show employees of differing backgrounds, gender, ages, ethnicities, capabilities and colors, thus displaying that Wal-Mart employs all types of people. My recommendation would be to go with the public relations campaign.This could prove to be the most beneficial, because the customers are the most important stakeholders in this situation. Also good public relations could help the bottom line of the company, but also make employees feel good about working there. It would keep the union at bay, and keep competitors on their toes because they would now have to compete with a Wal-Mart that people actually liked. Bibliography Blodget, Henry. â€Å"Wal-Mart Employs 1% of America. Should it be Forced to Pay it Employees More. † BusinessInsider. om. Business Insider, Inc. 10 Sep 2010. Web. Accessed 24 Nov 2012. http://articles. businessinsider. com/2010-09-20/news/30081785_1_minimum-wage-real-wage s-employees Ferrell, O. C. et al. â€Å"Wal-Mart: The Future of Sustainability. † Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. Carnegie Learning. South-Western:Mason, OH. 9th ed. 2011. Surowicki, James. â€Å"State of the Unions. † New Yorker. Conde Nast. 17 Jan 2011. Web. Acessed 26 Nov 2012. http://www. newyorker. com/talk/financial/2011/01/17/110117ta_talk_surowiecki

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Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE INTRODUCTION Rationale of the Study Paternalistic management approach is a father-like treatment but gives a certain amount of freedom. It is a type of leadership style that focuses more on the welfare of patients but gives a firm decision for everyone. It is a modification of an autocratic management yet it provides patients feedback. A typical paternalistic management approach gives exact details as to why there are certain actions to be taken in managing patients in a certain way.It has been practiced for so many years by many medical professions. Although, this approach still finds an opposition, it continued to thrive as an effective approach in dealing with some difficult patients. Most Filipino workers find a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company as a source of income in today’s century. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company hires call center agents in the local area. The nature of their work is taking calls from the cli ents and providing information to the consumers. It is a high paying job with health insurance and benefits.Some people chose this kind of work even though it has some disadvantages. Call center agents encountered health problems while working in their designated area. A clinic break is a privilege in some Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. Some call center agents use this clinic break when they are not feeling well. But some of them abuse this privilege just to avoid taking calls or even to avoid going to work. These patients usually complained of being sick or any other illnesses just to be excused from their own work. Company nurses find it quite difficult in handling this kind of condition in the clinic.As a nurse working in a company, one has to do something in making decision for the best interest of the patient and for the productivity of the company. A company nurse must be able to understand the line of work especially in dealing with difficult patients. For inst ance, in a company, some call center agents are just malingering. Malingering is trying to escape from their work and has to use some means for their own personal benefit. A company nurse must be able to distinguish and find an effective solution to deal with this kind of situation.At times, it is difficult to comprehend the nature of such illness every time a patient complained of being sick. The company nurse has an authority to send home call center agents when they are actually ill. The problem arises when some call center agents pretended they are sick. Thus, a company nurse must assess the patient before the call center agent will be sent home. The researcher chose to conduct a study about paternalistic management approach of company nurses in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company. This to determine on how it will help the company nurses in dealing with these patients.The researcher has personal experiences in dealing with malingering patients. The researcher is inquisi tive and is willing to learn for the betterment of the welfare of others. Also, the researcher is competent to gather the needed data since she has been working for two consecutive years in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. Furthermore, the researcher believed that it is a good thing to cater the needs of everyone regardless if it’s true or not. A good company nurse is willing to serve for whatever purpose it will lead. Malingering is just a tactical method of a patient that is needed to be understood.The need of the patient should be provided since service is the key in nursing. Theoretical Background This study is anchored on the paternalistic management approach of company nurses in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company. Paternalistic management style In a nutshell this management style tells the people what is best for them. This may sound the same as the autocratic style, but with the Paternalistic style of management, the business leaders are looking fo r the input of their employees. The business leader will make the final decision but not without careful consideration of the feedback.This gives the employees the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas. This also allows for more awareness of the employees needs, as people rather than just plain business (Montana, 2008). Paternalistic management style has the same authoritarian dynamic. It is a bit more warm and fuzzy in its approach. It is like being at home with parents that are involved in every aspect of your life. Higher likelihood that employees will be motivated or feel some loyalty based on the concern shown towards them by management (www. universitydissertations. com).Paternalism is the interference of a state or an individual with another person, against their will, and defended or motivated by a claim that the person interfered with will be better off or protected from harm. The issue of paternalism arises with respect to restrictions by the law such as anti-drug legislation, the compulsory wearing of seatbelts, and in medical contexts by the withholding of relevant information concerning a patient's condition by physicians. At the theoretical level it raises questions of how persons should be treated when they are less than fully rational (Husak, 2003).If one believes that sometimes paternalism is justifiable one may do so for various kinds of theoretical reasons. The broadest is simply consequentialist, i. e. more good than harm is produced. A narrower justification is that sometimes the individuals (long-run) autonomy is advanced by restricting his autonomy (short-run). So one might prevent people from taking mind-destroying drugs on the grounds that allowing them to do so destroys their autonomy and preventing them from doing so preserves it. This is essentially Mill's argument against allowing people to contract into slavery.Note that if the theory of the good associated with a particular consequentialism is broad enough, i. e. , includ es autonomy as one of the goods, it can be equivalent to the autonomy theory (assuming that the structure of the autonomy view is a maximizing one). A different theoretical basis is (moral) contractualism. On this view if there are cases of justified paternalism they are justified on the basis that we (all of us) would agree to such interference, given suitable knowledge and suitable motivation.So, for instance, it might be argued that since we know we are subject to depression we all would agree, at least, to short-term anti-suicide interventions, to determine whether we are suffering from such a condition, and to attempt to cure it. More generally, we might accept what Feinberg called â€Å"soft paternalism. † This is the view that when we are not acting fully voluntarily it is permissible to intervene to provide information, or to point out defects in our rationality, but that if we then do make a voluntary choice it must be respected.Or we might agree to being forced to w ear seat-belts knowing our disposition to discount future benefits for present ones. The justification here is neither consequentialist nor based simply on the preservation of autonomy. Rather either kind of consideration may be taken into account, as well as others, in determining what we would reasonably agree to (Sunstein, 2003). When managers try to act as father figures to their employees, they are practicing paternalistic management approach. These managers often give attention to their employees' social needs to maintain engagement and productivity.Paternalistic management training style also involves decision making without employee consultation. The only difference it has with authoritarian style is that decisions are made considering the employee's best interests. Although employees did not have decision making participation, their welfare was considered, thus increasing employee motivation. Most of the time, surveys and investigations are conducted to know how employees w ill take a certain decision especially when changes are implemented (www. ehow. com). Paternalistic  managers give more attention to the social needs and views of their workers.Managers are interested in how happy workers feel and in many ways they act as a father figure (pater means father in Latin). They consult employees over issues and listen to their feedback or opinions. The manager will however make the actual decisions (in the best interests of the workers) as they believe the staff still need direction and in this way it is still somewhat of an autocratic approach. The style is closely linked with Mayo’s Human Relation view of motivation and also the social needs of Maslow (www. tutor2u. net). However, there’s more to influencing than just passing along orders.The example you set is just as important as the words you utter. And you set an example – either good or bad – with every action you take and word you speak, on or off duty. By using your words and example, you must communicate purpose, direction, and motivation to them. Whilst â€Å"paternalism† is defined as a kind of system under which an authority undertakes to supply necessities or regulate conduct of those under its control in matters of affecting them as individuals as well as in their relationships to authority and to each other.Thus paternalism is to supply needs for those under its protection or command, while leadership is to get things done. Paternalism is directed inwards, while leadership is directed outwards (www. ed-leadership. com). In its paternal aspect, it harkens in the line of a father being firm though has good intentions in the life of one’s children and in the business limelight, the employees. The typical paternalistic manager most of the time explains the specific reason as to why he has taken certain actions in management and for his employees (Sullivan, 2005).Two-factor theory distinguishes between: Motivators  (e. g. , c hallenging work, recognition, responsibility) that give positive satisfaction, arising from intrinsic conditions of the job itself, such as recognition, achievement, or personal growth, and Hygiene factors  (e. g. status,  job security,  salary,  fringe benefits, work conditions) that do not give positive satisfaction, though dissatisfaction results from their absence. These are extrinsic to the work itself, and include aspects such as company policies, supervisory practices, or wages/salary.Essentially, hygiene factors are needed to ensure an employee is not dissatisfied. Motivation factors are needed to motivate an employee to higher performance. Herzberg also further classified our actions and how and why we do them, for example, if you perform a work related action because you  have  to then that is classed as  movement, but if you perform a work related action because you want  to then that is classed as motivation (www. netmba. com).Health promotion is defined as behavior motivated by the desire to increase well-being and actualize human health potential. It is an approach to wellness. On the other hand, health protection or illness prevention is described as behavior motivated desire to actively avoid illness, detect it early, or maintain functioning within the constraints of illness (Kozier, 2004). Health promotion services are essential for improving the health of populations everywhere.It is noted that people of all ages can benefit from the health promotion care, which should be delivered at sites where people spend much of their time (eg schools and workplaces). Nurses can develop and execute health promoting interventions to individuals, groups, and families in schools, nursing centers, occupational health settings and the community at large. Nurses should work toward empowerment for self care and enhancing the client's capacity for self care through education and development (Wills,2007).Business process outsourcing or BPO is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and this is especially true in the Philippines where offshore call center outsourcing services have led the business process outsourcing industry into tremendous growth. The Philippines is has proven to be an excellent venue for offshore call center outsourcing services for three important reasons: the country’s low labor costs, presence of reliable technology and availability of college graduates who posses high level of English and IT skills.Call centers in the Philippines operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They handle inbound and outbound calls and are able to offer multilingual offshore call center outsourcing services in different fields of business to include customer care, marketing, sales, technical support, among others. Offshore call center outsourcing services in the Philippines cater to various industries such as retail, financial services, technology, travel and hospitality and telecommunications, among others (www. piton-global. com).The  Filipino call center industry has helped the country move up the ladders of technological advancement and living standards, leaving its fellow developing countries behind. In the rat race of development, the arrival of the Filipino call center has made such an impact to the once laid-back, culturally torn, and politically chaotic nation. It is therefore right to say that the Filipino call center and BPO industry is a breakthrough for Philippine society and a blessing to its people. What basically makes the industry a breakthrough is its ability to address unemployment in significant percentages.Although it is true that several turnovers occur, the number of hired Filipino call center workers, along with the growing number of call centers that are launching mass recruitment campaigns, are big enough to overshadow turnover incidences. The Filipino call center and BPO industry has been the undisputed number 1 employer for years now and, in view of its current position as the leading BPO hub in the world, it will continue to do so for many years to come. That in itself will make Filipino call center agents proud to be part of this breakthrough undertaking.As for being blessed, anyone who has worked in the Filipino call center industry and stayed there longer would attest to that. Many in the Filipino call center labor force are very grateful that their work is able to pay their monthly bills, send their children to school, or support their families living somewhere in the provinces. Work in Filipino call centers is also a favorable set up for the young and dynamic, who can keep up with the latest gigs as well as maintain their upbeat lifestyle.One of the problems faced by the Filipino call center industry is the fast turnover of its agents. At a distance, this seems like an uncontrollable problem. The real deal is that attrition in the industry can be prevented, if not solved. What management has to do is to assess the important fact sur rounding the Filipino call center workforce: majority of them are young. The youth has a set of common traits that make them prone to employment dilemmas. Being young is always accompanied by a sense of dynamism and adventure.Working in a Filipino call center company may frustrate them in the long run. For one thing, Filipino call center agents just stay in one place for the whole of eight hours. The routinary tasks of reading scripts daily, updating call leads, and filling information in the call log, and other repetitive speech and duties make young people working for Filipino call centers feel as if their life is being compromised. Thus, they would once more search for jobs that will afford them utmost freedom or at least provide them with enough motivation to work.Furthermore, there is a growing trend of materialism among them because the industry they belong to pays higher than the rest – even the government for that matter. Most Filipino call center firms are also situa ted at highly commercialized areas or economic zones, through which famous restaurants and coffee shops, top brands, and dusk-‘til-dawn bars plough their trade. One of the challenges of employers is to divert the attention of these young workers from such a worldly culture and bring back their purpose-driven and career-oriented idealism (www. filipinocallcenter. om). The above theories and literature served as the backbone of this study and this will serve as a basis for conducting a study to determine the paternalistic management approach of company nurses in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. THE PROBLEM Statement of the Problem This study will determine paternalistic management approach of company nurses in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. Specifically, this study will seek answers to the following inquiries: 1. What is the background characteristics of the respondents in terms of: 2. age; 2. 2 gender; 2. 3 civil status; 2. 4 years of formal educatio n? 2. What is the level of knowledge of the respondents on Paternalistic Approach of Management? 3. What is the level of Paternalistic Approach Practices of the respondents? 4. Is there a significant relationship between the following: 5. 5 Profile and Level of Knowledge 5. 6 Profile and Level of Practice 5. 7 Level of Knowledge and Level of Practice? 5. How has the Paternalistic approach influenced the working relationship between the respondents and the call center agents? 6.How has the call-center agents responded to the Paternalistic Approach of the respondents? Statement of the Null Hypothesis Ho1. There is no significant relationship between the following: 1. 1 Profile and Level of Knowledge; 1. 2 Profile and Level of Practice; 1. 3 Level of Knowledge and Level of Practice. Significance of the Study Paternalistic management approach can be a great help in terms of dealing in a difficult situation. Thus, a nurse must be able to comprehend the needs of every patient visiting the clinic. The result of the study would benefit the following:The Company Nurses. They will find some methods or approaches in treating and caring for their patients. They will also be able to facilitate on improving some of the clinic policies regarding health issues of their patients. The Call Center Agents/Workers. This study will be able for them to appreciate the importance of health and its benefits when given proper treatment and proper evaluation. The Team Leaders of each Operation. They will give awareness in dealing with their agents who frequently visited the clinic The Administrators of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company.They will find ways and means to cater the needs of their employees regarding health issues and health problems. The Researcher. Through this study the researcher will be able to give some insights about health management and approaches. Future Researchers. This study will serve as future reference for further research study in the future. RESEARC H METHODOLOGY Research Design This study will utilize the descriptive-correlational survey method using qualitative and quantitative approaches to determine the paternalistic management approach of company nurses in a Business Process Outsourcing company.Research Environment This study will be conducted at Wipro BPO Phils. , located at Cebu Business Park in Cebu City and headed by its country head Mr. Gupta Romit (an Indian citizen). Mr. Rex Bispo is the senior manager of Wipro BPO Phils. Branch of Cebu. Since there are Wipro companies situated all over the world. The company started its operation in January 2008 with 400-500 employees at that time. The company occupied the ground floor, 9th floor, 10th floor, 11th floor and 12th floor in the building. The clinic is located at the 11th floor and is manned by a registered nurse.The clinic schedule is 24/7, from Monday to Sunday and it is even open during holidays. The employees ask some over the counter medicines in the clinic to aid their condition. Since they are allowed to have an hour rest for the day, they will have to ask permission from their team leaders or supervisors to do so. Now, there are 700-1000 employees working at Wipro BPO Phils. And even have another branch in Manila which started their operation on 2010. Research Respondents This study included 3 company nurses as key informants.They will answer the Part I-IV of the questionnaire. There will be 8 selective call-center agents as the respondents for the Part V of the research tool. This study used a universal sampling in gathering data. Research Instrument The study will use a researcher-made questionnaire to be used as an interview guide. The questionnaire will be divided into 5 different sets. The Part I is the profile of the key informants. The Part II is for the Level of Knowledge with its parameter limit. The Part III is the Level of Practice with its parameter limit.The Part IV is based on the Influenced of paternalistic management appro ach using qualitative questions. The Part V is the response of the Call Center agents regarding the paternalistic management approach using qualitative questions. Research Procedures Data Gathering The researcher will make transmittal letters in allowing a research study. These letters of requests are for asking permission to conduct a survey. Pre-testing will be done. After the pre-testing, the questionnaire will be then revised to fit for the actual study.The questionnaire included important queries to relate to the study of Paternalistic Management Approach of Company Nurses in Business Process Outsourcing Company. The questionnaire will be then distributed to company nurses and selective call center agents. Each respondent will be given 20-25 minutes to answer the researcher-made questionnaire. The researcher will be visiting everyday for data gathering. After the retrieval of the questionnaire, it will be tallied, tabulated, analyzed and then interpreted as based on the gathere d data. Data AnalysisTo get the result of demographic profile of the company nurses, Simple Percentage will be used. To determine the responses rating of company nurses in the Level of Knowledge and the Level of Practice, Weighted Mean will be used. It will be then categorized and given weight using a â€Å"Likert’s Four Point Rating Scale† The assigned equivalent weights of the responses will be: Level of KnowledgeLevel of Practice 4= Very Important4= Often 3= Important3= Sometimes 2= Unimportant2= Seldom 1=Very Unimportant1= Never The parameter of every response category will be defined through these limits: Level of KnowledgeLower Limit| Upper Limit| Response Category| Interpretation| 3. 26| 4. 00| Very Important| Very Good| 2. 51| 3. 25| Important| Good| 1. 76| 2. 50| Unimportant| Fair| 1. 00| 1. 75| Very Unimportant| Poor| level of Practice Lower Limit| Upper Limit| Response Category| Interpretation| 3. 26| 4. 00| Often| Very Good| 2. 51| 3. 25| Sometimes| Good| 1 . 76| 2. 50| Seldom| Fair| 1. 00| 1. 75| Never| Poor| The Chi-Square will be utilized to determine the relationship between the Profile and Level of Knowledge, and Profile and Level of Practice.To determine the relationship between the Level of Knowledge and Level of Practice of company nurses, the Pearson-r will be used. The Thematic Content Analysis will be utilized to get the result of the responses of Part IV and Part V of the research tool. DEFINITON OF TERMS For a clear understanding of the thesis, the following terms are defined operationally. Background Characteristics-is the description of the key informants who are being studied. It is use to identify age, gender, civil status and years of formal education.Call Center Agents – means people that are hired in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. Their opinions and views are being studied regarding the Paternalistic Management Approach. Company Nurses-emphasizes the key informants of this study. They are regis tered nurses working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. Influence –refers to the outcome of Paternalistic Management Approach between the working relationship of Company Nurses and the Call Center Agents. Knowledge on Paternalistic Approach- implies on the understanding of Paternalistic Management Approach.Level of Knowledge- means the degree of understanding about Paternalistic Management Approach of Company Nurses working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Having variables of very important, important, unimportant, and very unimportant. Level of Paternalistic Approach Practice- refers to the degree of a repeated action of Paternalistic Management Approach of Company Nurses working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. Paternalistic Approach- means a father-figure kind of a method which has a softer side when company nurses are dealing with patients who are working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company.Paternalistic Approach Practice- implies on the repeated action of the Company Nurses using Paternalistic Management Approach in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company. Respondents- are the key informants of this study. The Company nurses are the one who are being studied. Response-refers to the reaction of the Call Center Agents regarding the Paternalistic Management Approach as practiced by Company Nurses in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company.

Managing ressources and operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Managing ressources and operations - Essay Example Recently, in some studies regarding the demand of consumers for durable goods (Goeree, 2008 and Kim et al., 2009) and non-durable goods (Bruno and Vilcassim, 2008) it was found that while purchasing the goods be it a vehicle as well, consumers consider two aspects i.e. search cost and account travel. Most important factor according to Bucklin et al. (2008) that is considered by the customers is the cost and safety of SUVs. Bucklin et al. (2008) in their study concluded that the car manufacturers need to ensure that their production facilities are in low cost areas so that they are able to manufacture cars at reasonable prices. PPQ parts are planning to do expansion in other countries so that it can provide service to other markets and earn more profits. Currently, the company has profit margin rate of 6% which is on the same level as industry average. In order to help the company expand by following the right strategy, it is suggested that it starts its production in developing country such as China and try to capture SUVs market share in other countries. In order to expand in other countries, it is vital for PPQ parts to do its external analysis so that it has an idea about the hurdles that it might encounter while expansion. The factors that are most likely to impact the production and sales of SUVs are economic, political, social, cultural and environmental factors of the countries. 1. China political environment is very stable and the government encourages foreign companies to set up their facilities in the county. The government also gives grants to the foreign investors so that both the countries get benefited from the investment. However, Chinese government imposes some regulations that the company employs more than 30% of their local residents and the company will have to comply with some rules and regulations. 2. Since