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Australian Consumer Law

Question: Case study Topic Australian Consumer Law Answer: Introduction Consumer laws forms the basis upon which fair trade and rights of the consumers are upheld. These laws are enacted by the government or the legal authority so as to protect the interests of the consumers and imbibe certain protocols connected to fair trade, eschew fraudulent activities and promote competitiveness within the business sector. Alike other nations Australia too has its own share of laws enacted for the protection of the consumers and fair trade and policies. Australia comprises of six states along with ten federal territories all of which comes under the jurisdiction of the laws (Corones, 2013). The consumer law will be discussed with special reference to the case of Jimmy and the legal recourses available to him. Ascertaining Manufacturers Liability From the case study it can be inferred that Jimmy had bought a shirt from the shop of the hotel and did not exercise reasonable care while using the shirt i.e. he did not wash it before wearing it for the first time. As a result he developed allergies on his skin due to a toxic substance contained within the packaging in his shirt (Ramsay, 2006). At the same time it can also be stated that the hotel shop did not take steps while selling the shirt to Jimmy to educate him on using the shirt. Even though the shirt was packed there can be hazardous substances within the packaging and it was the responsibility of the seller to educate the consumers notwithstanding the nature of the product. The Australian Consumer Law comprises of Schedule 2 to Competition and Consumer Act, 2010 substituting as many as 20 statutes and laws over all the states and territories. Jimmy may approach the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to look into this dispute (Ramsay, 2012). The Commission in c onjunction with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission is in charge of administering and enforcing the consumer law. Under the scope of Australian Consumer Law a consumer has a broad definition that includes: Any person who acquires goods and or services worth less than $ 40,000 Goods and services that have been acquired for domestic consumption or usage even if they are priced over $40,000 Any means of transport that has been acquired principally for the purpose of transporting goods on public roads (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 2016). When the definition of a consumer is evaluated under the Australian Consumer Law it can be seen that Jimmy can be termed as a consumer and there was a breach of duty by the hotel shop as a result of which he developed allergies and rashes all over his body. Moreover it may be seen that the shop attendant refused to look into the matter when Jimmy went back to the Gift Shop. There was a clear evidence of rude and impolite behaviour that can be termed as offensive and uncouth. Instead of refusing to accept the fault the retailer should have shown empathy and compassion (Law, 2009). The shirt was packed in a sealed and clear plastic bag and as such Jimmy had no reason to suspect that there were any harmful chemical in the shirt. It can be stated to be the manufacturers liability as they should have taken due care while packing the shirt so that it did not contain any harmful chemical. The Australian Consumer Law clearly states that persons engaged in trade and commerce should refrain fr om engaging in unconscionable act. However when the case study of Jimmy is examined it can be stated that there was negligence in the conduct of the Gift Shop while dealing with their consumers (Lande and Averitt, 2007). Non adherence to these laws can attract severe penalty as can be observed from the penalty order against Coles Supermarket. The policies and rules are formulated by the concerned authority and the government so as to ensure fair conduct of trade among the different entities and bodies. The Australian Consumer Law has its roots from the erstwhile Trade Practices Act, 1974 with some additional features so as to cater to the changing structure of the business environment. Broadly it may be stated that the focus of this law is on ensuring competitive practices and ensure protection to the consumers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the body who will look into the grievance of Jimmy and will suggest recourse (Williams, 2007). It can also impose penal ty on the Luxury Hotel Gift Shopand direct it to pay damages to Jimmy. Consumer Guarantee in Australia and its subsequent application to the case of Jimmy Consumer Guarantee in Australia effectively means that products that are sold and services that are rendered should be of acceptable quality. By the term acceptable quality it refers to safe and lasting goods without any fault. Moreover the goods should look acceptable and should function normally for the purpose of which they have been bought. Other than that products should match the descriptions as highlighted in the packaging, labels, promotions and advertising. Consumer Guarantee in Australia means that when a consumer buys goods or services they are furnished with automatic guarantees that the goods will work and perform as per the descriptions of the product (Hogarth et al, 2008). The case of Jimmy essentially highlights the importance of Consumer Guarantee Clause for the business entities in order to carry out transaction of goods and services. From the definition of quality by the Consumer Guarantee Clause it can be inferred that it should be fit for the purpose of which it was sold. Even though the shirt itself was fine the packaging was harmful that clearly breached the consumer guarantee. The consumer has the rights to claim damages and compensation for the breach in the guarantee. The Australian Consumer Law further proclaims that goods and services that are being sold need to be safe as basic criteria (Steinwall, 2009). In other words it is fundamental for the establishments and trade bodies to ensure that goods that are being sold are safe and does not harm the consumers in any way. Jimmy can seek compensation for the distress, discomfort and pecuniary losses that he suffered as a result of wearing the shirt smeared with toxic chemical. While selling the shirt to Jimmy the shop should have exercised due care for ensuring that the product does not harm the consumers. It was the sole responsibility of the shop to ensure that they sell products and commodities that does not cause any damage or blight to the end users (Lindsay, 2005). Jimmy can either approach the retail shop or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for seeking damages to the losses that he incurred. Even though it is difficult to estimate the exact amount of compensation that Jimmy is entitled to it may be opined that compensation will include the cost of expenses that Jimmy had to bear as a result of allergy. Thus, it will include cost of medicine, doctor fees and also the distress and inconvenience. Jimmy can also lodge a complaint using the website of Australian Competition and Cons umer Commission (Ramsay, 2012). Even though the shirt did meet the description as per the label it can be opined that it was not fit for use since there it was smeared with harmful chemical. Under consumer guarantee it is clearly stated that entities need to provide automatic guarantee irrespective of other warranty they might provide or not. As such Jimmy can seek compensation for damages and losses that he suffered as a result of wearing the shirt. It can also be opined that the Consumer Guarantee also takes into account any online products bought over the internet since a substantial number of goods are bought over the internet these days (Steinwall, 2009). Thus it can be stated that the guarantee seeks to compensate and protect the rights of the consumers over a broad range of conditions and scenarios so as to ensure holistic growth of trade and commerce. Conclusion The above paper has shed light on the consumer laws in Australia and the conditions that have to be fulfilled by the business entities in order to operate successfully. The case study involved Jimmy who bought a shirt from Hotel store that was smeared with a toxic chemical. The paper has discussed the definition of the consumer law and the scope along with applicability. From the discussion it can be seen that there was clear duty of the manufacturer to provide the consumers with product that met quality and did not cause any harm. However the shirt that was sold to Jimmy was coated with harmful chemical. The second part of the paper dealt with Consumer Guarantee in Australia and its subsequent applicability to the case of Jimmy. It was inferred that Jimmy is entitled to compensation since he suffered mental and monetary stress as a result of wearing the contaminated shirt (Corones, 2013). References: Corones, S. G. (2013).The Australian Consumer Law. Thomson Reuters, Lawbook Co.. Hogarth, S., Javitt, G., Melzer, D. (2008). The current landscape for direct-to-consumer genetic testing: legal, ethical, and policy issues.Annu. Rev. Genomics Hum. Genet.,9, 161-182. Lande, R. H., Averitt, N. W. (2007). Using the'Consumer Choice'Approach to Antitrust Law.Antitrust Law Journal,74, 175. Law, A. A. C. (2009). Fair Markets-Confident Consumers. Lindsay, D. (2005). Exploration of the Conceptual Basis of Privacy and the Implications for the Future of Australian Privacy Law, An.Melb. UL Rev.,29, 131. Ramsay, I. (2006). Consumer law, regulatory capitalism and the new learning in regulation.Sydney L. Rev.,28, 9. Ramsay, I. (2012).Consumer law and policy: Text and materials on regulating consumer markets. Bloomsbury Publishing. Steinwall, R. (2009). 25 Years of Australian Competition Law.Journal of South Pacific Law,4, 2000. Williams, T. (2007). Empowerment of whom and for what? Financial literacy education and the new regulation of consumer financial services.Law Policy,29(2), 226-256.

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The Importance of Participating free essay sample

Therefore, it is crucial that you join in co-curricular activities, as it brings many benefits. First and foremost, co-curricular activities play a vital role in providing knowledge and experience to the students. For instance, students will have the opportunity to gain new experiences when they join a camp. They would learn to be independent. They would also be able to gain extra knowledge such as inventing gadgets from recycled objects and all sorts of other Hellenizing activities. Sometimes, the new experiences gained will teach you to be more matured. Next, active participation in co-curricular activities will help a person to develop holistically. This is because students should not only focus entirely on their studies and instead, should learn to balance between their studies and their involvement in extra curricular activities. Through active participation in the activities, the school would be able to produce students who are smart, intelligent, bold and inquisitive instead of just bookworms. We will write a custom essay sample on The Importance of Participating or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Furthermore, participation in co-curricular activities can also help you to release stress and boredom.I am sure you will feel stressed, especially when the examinations are just around the corner. Hence, by joining clubs or sports in your school, you can set aside your problems for a while. This in turn will make you feel better and less tense, as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Besides that, co-curricular activities will help you to be fit and healthy. All of the toxic substances in your body will be removed whenever you sweat by playing sports and carrying out activities that require a lot of physical movements.Therefore, you will feel better and be more focused in class. You will also have the opportunity to apply things you have learned in the classroom in real life. For example, if you join the Physics Club, you might have a chance to build a rocket based on the physics principles that was taught in class. On the other hand, if you join the life skills club, chances re,you will get the opportunity to build handicrafts or learn how to cook properly.These are rare opportunities that you might not get when you are not actively participating in clubs and societies. Moreover, your chances for further studies are also enhanced, bayou are active in sports, clubs and societies. With an increasing number of students excelling academically, the competition to get into universities is tougher. The universities are not only looking for students who are academically good, but also who are confident and bold. These attributes could only be gained through co-curricular activities.Overall, even though the participation in co-curricular activities are usually seen as less important than the academic subjects, they have been proven to benefit the students in many ways. Co-curricular activities form the core of a students life and pave a brighter future for those who excel in them. So, do not hesitate to join any co-curricular activities now and be an active member who contributes to the club as well as the school. That is all from me today, thank you.

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The Movie Educating Rita essays

The Movie Educating Rita essays The movie Educating Rita shows us how drive and motivation goes from wanting to have an education, to longing for every class to learn something new, and finally to sharing knowledge with others. Rita seemed trapped in a life that she did not want. She decided that if she had an education she could do so much more. As you will see motivation was Having an education would place her where she wanted to be in society. She wanted learn and have knowledge and that meant getting and education. She always knew that she could do it and that she wanted more in life. Therefore, she started a class with Frank. After she started classes with Frank, she could not get enough. She was gaining knowledge by the day and thrived knowing there was another day to come. She did not care what her father, Dennie, or anyone else thought of her going to school. No matter what people thought she was always ready to learn. By the time she was finishing her test she was coming out of her shell. She was now sharing her thoughts and feelings with others. She was at one time somewhat shy of the other students, not anymore. She seemed to walk proud and be proud of herself. In conclusion education is what mattered to Rita. She wanted to have an education and the same for her family. In the end, the only thing that mattered was her education and being educated, then and only then would she be free. ...

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Barrack Obama’s Campaign Speech Essay Example for Free

Barrack Obama’s Campaign Speech Essay Communication can be defined as the act/art of exchanging/transmission of thoughts or information by the means of speech, signs, written means and the behavior. It was the occasion of the America’s Presidential candidates Campaign when the Illinois Senator Barrack Hussein Obama delivered the speech announcing his will of seeking the democratic nomination for presidency in 2008. It was on Saturday evening (19. 06GMT) of February 10th 2007 on the Venue of Springfield, when the Senator Barrack Obama now the Elect president of United States of America delivered the persuasive speech used on this focus paper. In this Speech it excellently exploits the elements of speech. First, The candidate Senator Obama by that time was very prepared for the occasion against the deliverance of the amazing speech towards the audience. His introduction of the speech appreciates all the audience present and recognizes their vital role they do play for that occasion. For instances He starts by thanking all the people for their coming and gives the reasons why the occasion was very important to every individual. His introduction captures the attention of the audience giving time to deliver his message. Part of introduction was â€Å"†¦it’s humbling but in my heart I know you didn’t come here just for me, you came here because you believe in what this country can be. † Secondly there is use ‘of being yourself ’ while giving the speech. The Senator gives personal and professional examples and life history precisely, possibly helping him to gain support to emphasize his own points of the campaign. The self-example messages matches with the destined purposes of the Campaign. Thirdly, Obama stayed relaxed throughout the speech delivery session, very composed and maximal prepared for the outcome. He remained focused on passing the message. He too employed other means of speech presentation such as movement/ walking, gestures. In addition, the Senator used the Natural humor and avoided depicting/ pinpointing an individual from the Audience and he didn’t over do it thus maintaining the audience on move of the speech. The other element that I figure was the Body plans and hand positions. I keenly observed the movement and gestures of the Senator. He moved within the three positions – the right, the center and the left- and the hand position was well managed and maintained throughout the session. He didn’t hide behind the lectern and he excellently maintained the eye contact with the audience throughout the speech session. Lastly of the elements of speech, the Senator was very keen and well informed about every detailed he presented. He used the environmental reference that surrounded the Venue appropriately on his speech. He understands what is the past, currently and the future happening of the immediate ground. He keenly observes the audience to an extent of identifying some schoolmates but he didn’t mention their names. â€Å"†¦friends that I see in the audience. †. Speech Accomplishment: The speech is accomplishing the real mission of the Senator while being elected as the president of United States of America. He explains out what he will accomplish for the country when he will be in power. He gives new hope the people of America; to believe that ‘yes he can’ bring peace where there is war, bring hope where there is despair, reach what is more possible and build a more perfect union. The Senator aspires to establish convergence place where the farmers, teachers, students, businessmen, laborers, young and the aged, male and female, rich and the poor’s clamoring can be heard. The speech intends to accomplish the enlightenment of the US people the existence of presumptuousness in the present government calling for the change, in the faces of the depressed he will increase the employment opportunities in order to lift the millions out of poverty, Welcome the immigrants to the shores of America and experience justice and righteousness around the globe. The Senator contemplates the currently status of the US and around the globe and promises to accomplish missions such as to quench the anxiety of the feel of rising health care costs and the illusions of the stagnant wages, to bring the war in Iraq to an end by bringing the troops back home by march next year and give Sunni and Shia to resolve the problem and bring out peace, minimize oil dependency that is threatening America’s future, instill an ethic achievements in children by setting high standards of learning providing the resources for them to succeed, recruiting the new army of teachers and giving them the batter pay and more support for the exchange of accountability, making colleges affordable and investing in the scientific researches, to reshape the economy, strengthen the communities, to cut bureaucracy by use of technology, free America from the Tyranny Oil, solve the crisis of global warming by innovation and by capping the greenhouse gases, give incentives for the businesses, and destroying the deadliest unguarded weapons. The Speech was a persuasive, since it is persuading the people of America to elect the Senator as the President of America by voting for him in the year 2008. It was evidenced in his speech as persuasive where he says â€Å" †¦If you will join me in this improbable quest, if you feel destiny calling, and see as I see, a future of endless possibility stretching before us, if you sense as I sense, that the time is now to shake of our slumber, and slough off our fear, and make good on the debt we owe the past and the future generations, then I am ready to take up the cause, and match with you and work with you to finish the work that needs to be done. † The main aim of the speech was to persuade for votes that resulted to the delivery of the speech. But on the process he enlightens the people the critically analyze and keenly make judgment for the best next US president. I can also say it is informative to some extent that it elaborates the incidences that have been taking place and the others that are likely to take place in the United States of America. Audience’s reaction towards the speech was very applauding during the speech presentation and indeed the audience was very pleased with the amazing speech, contented that Obama can make out to be the best candidate to be elected and very disappointed with the previous disguised government. The speech disclosed the factual facts to the audience, which was the quenching of the long thirst, the beginning of the new hope and the change on which the Americans can believe in. At some points the multitude nodded their heads as a sign of concession/ agreement to what was spoken, and at some point the audience was pity as a sign of how sympathetic and pathetic the situation was in as per that time. The pattern of speech was sequential, topical and spatial. The speech was sequential since it has the introduction, the body and the conclusion as the structure of the speech. Obama welcoming the audience, he presents his speech (The body) where he factually speaks of what he should do when he will be in power, he identifies what to change and or improve, what to innovate and implement, what changes he is able to bring, what was the defects the previous government, and finally he give out his conclusion of expecting the people of America to vote for him if they want the change they can believe in. The speech was also topical since Obama Generally emphasizes on the Change that that Americans can Believe in. He bases his own speech on change and frequently mentions change throughout his speech. Despite of having other minor topics such as speaking about education, the economy, war, resources and the political history his main topic was about change. To some extent but not very, the speech was descriptive. It entails what to be done, how, when and by whom. Obama described in his speech for instance that the only source for change in America is people, the only peace in war at Iraq lies between Sunn and Shia, the only way to prosper in future is by doing the present that needs to be done. Also Obama gave the vivid description on how to solve some of the long-lasting problems in America. For instance the problem of global warming can be solved by innovations that can tap the greenhouse gases, creating more job opportunities, investments can solve the problem of poverty, practice of justice and establishment of converges to listen the clamoring of each and every one in the US. In conclusion, Communication is the transmission of information from one person to another. The occasion of the speech was during the campaign of the Presidential candidate of America on Democratic Party at Springfield. The utilized elements of speech were such as being prepared for the speech presentation, being yourself when representing speech, being composed and contented when delivering speech, body plan and hands position, gestures and movements. Accomplishment of the speech was to convince the audience to vote for Him/ Change. The type of speech was persuasive as he persuades for the votes, the reactions of the audience was a sign of relieve or being relieved if Obama was to be the president and indeed he became. Finally the pattern of the speech is Sequential, topical and somehow spatial. References: 1. Public Speaking an Audience-Centered Approach By Steven A. Beebe and Susan J. Beebe. (2008) 2. http://www. guardian. co. uk/world/2007/feb/10/barackobama. 3. http://www. ljlseminars. com/elements. htm. 4. Organization Pattern Of Speech By Osborn (2000). Barrack Obama’s Campaign Speech. (2016, Oct 02).

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Comparing and evaluating the financial performance of US commercial Essay

Comparing and evaluating the financial performance of US commercial banks during the recession - Essay Example The study tells that the recent financial crisis began in 2008 – although signs of the crisis could be identified in 2007; since then, the crisis has being expanded in all countries worldwide causing severe losses to businesses of all industrial sectors. In its primary form, the crisis was related with the banking sector in US; in fact, the subprime products that were promoted by the US banks were proved to be more risky than initially estimated; as a result, US banks were highly exposed to the recession. Many banks in US collapsed – as a consequence of the crisis; however, there were also those banks that managed to limit the losses and protect effectively their equity/ capital. This study will help to understand the effects of recession on the financial performance of US commercial banks using the figures included in these organizations’ financial statements. In other words, it will be an evidence – based study not just a critical analysis of the behavio r of these firms since the beginning of the crisis. On the other hand, the level of resistance of US banks – as identified through this study – would be valuable in order to estimate the expected development of the US banking industry both in the short and the long term – the prospects for the development of US firms that operate in other industrial sectors could be also estimated using similar criteria. The study also identifies the framework of successful strategic decisions – referring to the banking industry – a fact that could further lead to the increase of this sector’s credibility.

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Business Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 30

Business Law - Essay Example C.  Ã‚   With one of the legal issues you identified above, check with a legal web-site, as a reference that gives you greater understanding of this issue, so that you can describe the general rule of law about this issue, and any significant exceptions. As an employee, you have the right to raise a claim of discrimination by the employer only if you belong to a protected class. A protected class implies that you are fully qualified for the job. In such a case, the employer takes negative actions against you particularly by filling your position with an unqualified employee who does not fit in the protected class. If you want to raise the claim, you must either have circumstantial or direct evidence. The book serves as a special dedication to employees and employers. It provides guidance and information regarding legal employment issues. The workplace laws enacted by the state legislatures, congress, and local government meant to bring just for both parties. The book also highlights a case law that pertains to decisions made on precedent cases. Other critical issues addressed in the books are such as employment contract, company’s personnel, collective-bargaining agreement, and civil service rules. The book also focuses on federal laws and, in particular, the different kinds of employment laws. In the first category, the book addresses the anti-discrimination legislation. According to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 title VII, employment discrimination based on religion, color, pregnancy, race, sex and national origin is prohibited. The Rehabilitation Act of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employment discrimination against people living with disabilities. The Age Discrimination Employment Act (ADEA) forbids employment discrimination based on age. Discrimination against persons aged 40 and above is an offense. Another category addressed by the book relates to salaries and hours of work. The Fair Labor Standards Act

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Point of View Essay Example for Free

Point of View Essay The speaker of the story, who speaks as a first-person narrator, is not named. We may conclude that he has had a good deal of experience with small boats, and with the language of sailors. His concentration shifts in the course of the story. At first, he seems to be aware of all four men on the boat, collectively, and he makes observations that permit us to understand the ideas and responses of the men, who are linked in a virtual â€Å"brotherhood† because of their having been stranded on a tiny boat amid the high waves that are menacing their existence (paragraph 9). At about paragraph 49, however, the speaker shifts his concentration primarily to the correspondent, while he describes the other men more dramatically. Might we assume that at this point, Crane is merging the speaker of the story with his own voice, as nearly as we can determine it? Throughout, the speaker introduces some of his own ideas, and also, at times, speaks ironically. This accounts for some of the more humorous expressions in the story. Thus, the speaker comments wryly that the men, while rushing from the sinking ship to save themselves, â€Å"had forgotten to eat heartily† and therefore were now being weakened with hunger (paragraph 49). The speaker is in control of the tone of his descriptions, as when he points out that the human back, to a rower, is subject to innumerable and painful kinks and knots (paragraph 82). The speaker is also observant and philosophical, as when he comments that the four men at sea need to turn their heads to contemplate the â€Å"lonely and indifferent shore† (paragraph 206). The story’s final sentence, about the fact that the three surviving men can be â€Å"interpreters,† is suggestive of a good deal of thought and observation that could lead beyond the content of the story. Though the point of view is third-person limited-omniscient, Cranes merging of his thoughts with the narrators would not be as effective, not as dramatic, or objective, for it is this third-person distance that Crane feels would be most suitable for his idea that men are insignificant compared to the forces of nature, or nature itself. The point is driven home well with his particular point of view: another or different point of view would cloud his message and obscure his central theme: a different point of view would be too emotional, too fraught with survivability. The white heron is told from a third-person omniscient point-of-view, one that is aware of both Sylvia’s hopes and aspirations, and the hardships that she will encounter as she strives to achieve them. The constancy of the tree is noted from the very beginning with Sylvia’s recognition that â€Å"[in the] dark boughs [of the tree] he wind always, stirred, no matter how hot and still the air might be below † It is from this stillness that Sylvia begins her journey â€Å"with tingling eager blood† and apprehension of the point at which she must make â€Å"the dangerous pass from one tree to the other, [when] the great enterprise would really begin. † This image of making the transition from a smaller tree to a larger m ore dangerous one is a symbol of Sylvia leaving the realm of her early childhood to begin facing the challenges of becoming an adult. At first, â€Å"Sylvia felt her way uneasily,† but as she crosses trees and feels the support of the old pine, she becomes â€Å"his new dependent. † The pine is likened to â€Å"a great main mast to voyaging earth,† a simile which is followed by the author’s personification of the way in which it â€Å"h [olds] away the winds† to protect the â€Å"solitary gray-eyed child† just as a father would do. The narrative pace of the passage varies from being restrained and held back as Sylvia prepares for her adventure, to increasing in speed slightly once she changes trees, to finally reaching a climax once she reaches the top. It is this fast progression from her climbing and feelings of support from the tree to this climactic awakening that aids in communicating the true extent of Sylvia’s growth. The â€Å"spark of human spirit† that the tree’s â€Å"ponderous frame† helps to lift to the top quickly easily becomes â€Å"a pale star,† trembling and tired, but wholly triumphant. † Bierce tells An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge in three parts. Part I is in objective third-person point of view except for the last three paragraphs. In objective third-person narration, the storyteller observes events but cannot enter the mind of any character and disclose his or her thoughts. In the last three paragraphs of the Part I, the narration shifts to omniscient (all-knowing) third-person point of view in relation to Peyton Farquhar. This shift enables Bierce to take the reader inside Farquhars mind to demonstrate how emotional upheaval alters not only the way the mind interprets reality but also the way it perceives the passage of time. First, Farquhar mistakes the ticking of his watch for the tolling of a bell or the ring of an anvil struck by a hammer. Then, after Farquhar drops from the bridge at the moment of execution, he perceives a single second as lasting hours.